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Hi, I'm Tom Telesco

I appreciate that you've stopped by to explore how you can CHAMPION YOUR LIFE! I believe you're here because you've heard the cry of a CHAMPION inside of you!


I've spent the last 15 years in the personal development space, and I uncovered a secret.


However, before I tell you the secret, I want you to think about your dream, (the one that brought you here today !)

Where are you today?

Whether you're standing on the sidelines as a "SPECTATOR," or maybe ... you're fighting for your dream as a "CONTENDER," or perhaps, you've tasted the thrill of victory as a "CHAMPION!"


The secret of success is this - success is not a destination! Success is a progression, and every win and every loss reveals the next step in the journey.


As the author of CHAMPION YOUR LIFE, a Keynote Speaker, and a High-Performance Coach, I want to equip you to reach new levels of success.

Growing up, I set my sights on the "American Dream." That dream was defined by my surroundings, my beliefs, and my parents.


At a young age, I hit that goal. That is, until life knocked me to my knees. I suffered from a medical condition that nearly took my life.​


It was during that time, I realized I needed to redefine my reality and set my sights on new dreams, goals, and horizons. That launched me into the self help industry where I was on a quest to rebuild quickly.

The plans I executed worked ... for eight years!


That is until another heavyweight contender came and took me down faster than the first. This is when my journey to find more answers unlocked the 10 POWER PRINCIPLES to CHAMPION YOUR LIFE.


Here is why it works; remember that success is a progression. That means even when we get to the top of our game; the journey starts all over again.


So the systems I teach today not only focus on how to get to the next level but also how to start back from the beginning. That shift in perspective has radically changed the way I accomplish goals — and it can change your results too.
High-performance results don't have to be impossible.


I think a lot of the time we make things harder than they need to be. Most people run into a wall, because they are using techniques, habits, and patterns that served them well in the past but now it is time for a new perspective.


You have immense value to bring to the world!

However, unless you have next level strategies to bridge the gap from where you are today to where you want to go,  you will stay stuck ... and stuck stinks.

I've given you a long backstory so that you realize that I can speak to success and failure from experience.


It took me a long time to humble myself and pull back the curtains to let people see that success is not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes life hurts, it stings, and if you don't have someone standing beside you to envision your future with you, something inside of us begins to die.

I want to speak life into my friends, my audiences and my clients because we are here to be a light on a hill so others can learn and grow from our example!

I’d love to meet you one day, and walk beside you on our journey. Connect with me if you are ready to change your results!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! 


In Your Corner,


Tom Telesco

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